Is Your Outdoor Living Space Trendy?

Fashion trends are much easier for our customers to understand than trends for outdoor environments. While we are still neophytes when it comes to fashion, we’ve got you covered for three landscaping trends in 2018.

One trend is high tech, one trend involves exploring your inner chef and another trend comes all the way from Denmark to the shores of Lake Erie.

Trend #1: Outdoor Kitchens

Fifty-two percent of respondents in a recent survey stated that making better use of summer weather was the number one reason they built an outdoor kitchen (Source: Statista). Based on our experience working with customers designing, installing and maintaining award-winning outdoor kitchens, we agree with this assessment. But, let’s remember that in Northeast Ohio, we like to welcome spring early and say bon voyage to summer (then autumn) as late as possible. An outdoor kitchen allows you to stretch the time you use your outdoor living space, providing more value from your investment. Whatever the season, nothing beats an outdoor cooking space for enjoying quality family time and boosting your entertaining options. That’s invaluable.

Trend #2: Smart Outdoor Living

With the proliferation of the Internet of Things, it was only a matter of time before patios smartened up. Yesterday, patio decisions were focused on the type and layout of brick or stone. Now, patio decisions can get a bit more technical — like the type of app you want to control your outdoor lighting, light your fire pit, warm the stone on your patio or control the pressure on your water fountain. Indeed, the options today are endless for a smart patio.

But, the must-have smart option for patios is lighting. Over the past few years — as you’ve probably already witnessed in your home — LED lighting has become cost-effective. And, just as important, the temperature spectrum of LEDs has evolved from just cool white to now warm yellows. If you’re feeling a bit festive and adventurous, you can even incorporate color LEDs to help create an outdoor ambiance for the right occasions.

Trend #3: Hygge

Hygge (pronounced “hue-guh”) is the resurgence of the concept of all things cozy and has invaded America.

Hygge is such an important part of being Danish that it is considered “a defining feature of our cultural identity and an integral part of the national DNA,” according to Meik Wiking, the CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen (Country Living). “In other words, what freedom is to Americans…hygge is to Danes,” Wiking says in his book The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living.

But how does hygge help an outdoor environment?

“Homeowners have become more interested in holistic landscapes that promote well-being. The Danish concept of hygge is all about creating an atmosphere of coziness by embracing the simple pleasures of life. Decorating with light, arranging seating for close-knit conversation, planting aromatic flowers and adding water features to encourage mindfulness are a few ways to integrate hygge into landscapes and to find more enjoyment and fulfillment in outdoor spaces.”

Integrating elements from the first two trends — by cooking outside and setting the mood with your outdoor smart lights — you can help you create that cozy and special hygge feeling.

Let’s discuss how we can make your outdoor environment trendy. Email us at or just call 216-291-1100.

JD Drcar is production manager at New Vista Enterprises, Inc. Founded in 2000, New Vista designs, installs and maintains breathtaking outdoor environments for clients throughout Northeast Ohio. JD is a graduate of Ohio University with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Horticulture/Environmental Health Sciences. Connect with JD on LinkedIn.

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